My Bloody Valentine "m b v" Pre-Order

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02/02/2013 8:07pm
My Bloody Valentine's first new record in over 20 years, "m b v" is now available for pre-order. The album will be released on 180 gram vinyl, and they note that "this vinyl album has been recorded as an analogue album. It was recorded on 2 inch 24 track analogue tape and mixed onto half inch analogue tape and mastered with no digital processing involved. The vinyl is a true analogue cut, i.e. it hasn't been put through a digital process during the cutting process unlike over 90% of all vinyl available today." Check out the new track "She Found Now" streaming here.

Order here.
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02/03/2013 4:27am
Bought. Great album, I recommend.
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02/03/2013 9:01am
What. The. Fuck. April Fool's Day is still weeks away, isn't it?
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