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A.N.S. "Pressure Cracks" LP/CD - A.N.S. from Texas are one of the most killer punk/crossover bands out there. After 2 albums and a dozen or so splits and EP's, they've produced their most focused (and best) material to date on "Pressure Cracks" the 3rd album from this prolific hardcore band. The heaviest influences are common, but maybe A.N.S. grab from less obvious albums, combining here a killer blend of the "professional hardcore" of "Feel the Darkness" era Poison Idea, the drugged out heavy metal / classic rock influenced punk of "My War" and beyond Black Flag, plus the high energy crossover thrash of "Lights, Camera, Revolution" era Suicidal Tendencies. It's a serious crossover record, sharpened by countless tours over the past few years hitting Japan, Europe and US repeated and relentlessly with dates for more global shows well into next year being confirmed now.

* Cover art by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Skeleton Witch)

* Mastered at Mammoth Sound (Ghoul, Magrudergrind)

* Full US/Canada tour in September plus playing "The Fest 8" in Gainesville, FL in October.

*Upcoming split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed to be released by Tankcrimes (vinyl) and Relapse (cd)

*Substance Abuse Skateboards (owned by ANB's J. Randall) has just issued a series of A.N.S. skateboards.

*First pressing info - 100 white, 300 yellow, 600 black

track listing:
1. I Killed Porcho
2. Down the Rabbit Hole
3. If You Don't Get It Now...
4. Seized by Fascists
5. Speak to Me
6. Tunnel Vision
7. The ALL Consumer
8. Instru-Monu-Mental
9. Bleeding

here's those dates...


August 2009

20 - Portland, OR
21 - Seattle, WA
22 - Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre
23 - Calgary @ House 1912
24 - Edmonton
25 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan @ Amigos w/ DFA
26 - Winnipeg, Manitoba w/Born Bad
27 - Minneapolis, MN @ Rat Hole w/ In Defence
28 - Madison, WI @ BFG
29 - Pittsburgh, PA
30 - Buffalo, NY @ Funeral Home w/ I Object
31 - Toronto, Ontario

September 2009

1 - Montreal, Quebec @ Katacombs
2 - Jamaica Plain, MA @ Midway Cafe w/ Ramming Speed
3 - NYC @ Autumn Bowl w/ Seasick
4 - Hartford, CT
5 - New Brunswick, NJ @ America w/ Seasick
6 - off
7 - Philly, PA
8 - Baltimore/DC
9 - Richmond, VA @ Nara w/ Government Warning
10 - Raleigh, NC @ Hank's w/ Logic Problem
11 - Tampa, FL @ Transitions
12 - Miami, FL @ Goo w/ Mehkago NT
13 - Gainesville, FL @ Kickstand
14 - Pensacola, FL @ Sluggos
15 - Houston, TX @ The Mink
16 - McAllen, TX w/ Bastard Sons of Apocalypse
17 - Monterrey, Mexico
18 - Austin, TX w/ Deskonocidos
19 - Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves w/ Hellbastard
20 - Oklahoma City @ Maquiladora
21 - Kansas City, MO w/ Cross Examination
22 - Denver @ the Blast-o-Mat
23 - Tempe, AZ @ The Slurp
24 - San Diego, CA
25 - Orange County, CA @ The Office w/ Tipper's Gore
26 - Oakland, CA @ BRS w/ Deadfall, Face the Rail
27 - Reno, NV
28 - off
29 - Portland, OR


We are also currently hosting a contest to win a copy of this LP limited to just 100 copies on white vinyl, check that out here:

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Can't wait to listen to this(posting from my phone). That tour pisses me off though. They go all over the place, but completely miss Illinois/Indiana/Ohio/anywhere I have the slightest chance to see them. Fuck.
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08/17/2009 5:10pm
Pretty bummed I won't be able to catch them, but the record sounds pretty killer.
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08/17/2009 7:12pm
bad ass... hope i win :)
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pre-order up now. white vinyl comes with poster. booyah!


and here's those skate decks...
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Nick, I entered my address incorrectly. What do I do?
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pre-ordered! sweet.
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This band is a shining example of how TOURING WORKS....This band tours constantly...
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^ I totally agree. Following the lead of their muse Black Flag that laid the groundwork for pretty much everyfuckingone. Except I'm pissed about them playing a goddamn house show here in Portland and since I'm an old fuck instead of a cool punk hipster I never even saw a fucking flyer for it. Fucking Dammit!!!!!
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08/23/2009 2:08am

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

FLASH! - another Portland show end of September, I'll post info here. cheers!
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Vinyl is in - preorders have shipped! Band has their copies! all is good.


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this won't be out until jan. 2010 but we got the art in today and ANb posted it right away so time to share...


Here is a sneak peek of the artwork Tallboy has completed for the forth coming ANS / ANB split 5" / CDEP to be released through Tankcrimes and Relapse Records 1st quarter 2010.

This EP is a tribute to Boston Skatecore legends Gang Green w/ ANB covering Gang Green classic 'Alcohol' and ANS covering 'Let's Drink Some Beer' plus an original "Blazing Saddles".

Cheers Tallboy!

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hey, just wondering where I go for the digital download.

I'm computer illiterate...

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fuckinluke said:
hey, just wondering where I go for the digital download.
I'm computer illiterate...

download cards that come w/ LP are used here...
I'd assume here: http://digital.deadformat.net/

if you mean to purchase (itunes, ect.) - it should be up in a week or 2 and I have links on my "releases" page at
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09/08/2009 3:27am
wow, i jsut listened to this.
i like it.
if this had come out when i was 14, i would have thought it was the greatest album ever.
if i can scratch up some money, i think ill go see them in a few weeks.
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oh hey, i went to this. and i don't think i've been knocked around as badly at a show in years. officially too old for it? :'(
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09/10/2009 12:20am
Seeing this on my bed when I got home tonight was a pleasant surprise. I can't wait to spin it in the morning.
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Show is gonna rule!
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is there supposed to be a dropcard for this lp? just got mine and didn't have one in there, i don't want to import it if i don't have to
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09/28/2009 7:46pm
justaaudial said:
is there supposed to be a dropcard for this lp? just got mine and didn't have one in there, i don't want to import it if i don't have to

yep, sorry about yours being missing - did you get it from the band? just curious. check your pm's I just sent you and extra code. sweet.


WOW!!! the show here on saturday was such a rager! really will be a legendary show around here. we packed 200 party animals into burnt ramen and it was going nuts from TVE's first song until the end. ANS is really an amazing band and killer dudes, I'm very happy to be working with them now and in the future. Anyone who saw a show on this tour knows they saw one of the top current bands in their prime. BOOYAH!

photo stolen from Manny Mares on the b9 board. thanks dude!

This record is now out and available everywhere, I've got about 20 copies left on white vinyl. cheers!
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09/28/2009 7:53pm
Broken Needle got added to the Mutant House show at the last minute. Show was fucking amazing.

I grabbed a yellow press of the LP at the show.
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09/29/2009 3:11pm
Just realized they are playing here tonight w/Autistic Youth. So stoked!
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Ugh, totally missed the Tempe show. God damnit.
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I've never seen them and found about the show through totally random fluke. And my wife is out of town. It's gonna rule.
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10/04/2009 8:04pm


ANS Pressure Cracks shirts up now:

Link Text
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looks like the myspace is down.
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FINALLY!!! - this record is in stores everywhere as of yesterday - BOOYAH!

are you a store that didn't stock up? www.ilcdistro.com go.
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MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL issue 318 Nov.2009

A.N.S. "Pressure Cracks" LP - I've been following A.N.S. for years, and though I've skipped a few os the split 7"'s, I've likedjust about everything I've heard. I think they're one of the better bands thats been able to change their sound and still com up with something interesting each time. That said, I did not expect the crossover record that they've come up with here, but I am in no way disappointed. It's complete with crunchy solos and double tracked vocals in places and definitely darker and heavier than anything they have done before but the crossover style is %100 genuine and raging to boot. The B-side gets a bit more somber and incorporates a later FLAG/BL'AST flavor that gets poetic at times but as with everything else thy've done, it's still undeniably A.N.S. Well done. (DG)
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from SHORT, FAST and LOUD issue #22

A.N.S. "Pressure Cracks" LP/CD - The U.S.'s leading skate rock crew are back with a brand new album of 9 rippers! This is the album where they've finally found "their" sound - tigh licks with a metllic crossover edge, while remaining heavy. Easily a band that could fit onto a metal bill or a punk bill. They say it best themselves: "thrash kicks, not a fashion shtick, intelligent minds destroying years of negativity one boneless at a time" Ah- reminds me of my youth - great record! Plus, there's great cover art by Andrei Bouzikov. Get this shit!
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11/08/2009 9:07pm
MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL issue 318 Nov.2009 - from BRUCE ROEHRS column...

Fuck! A.N.S. are up to their skate-thrash hi-jinks again! These Texas maniacs have channeled D.R.I. and ANNIHILATION TIME into a beautiful punk mess! The new LP is called "Pressure Cracks" and is available on stunning yellow vinyl with amazing cover art by Andrei (DEADFALL). This slab is from your good friends at Tankcrimes Records.

Side A starts with a brutal thrash metal song "I Killed Porcho". Fuck yes! This goes for the jugular vein immediately! Song two keeps the psychotic fast-as-fuck momentum with "Going Down the Rabbit Hole" featuring more metal-blade axe work. Song three is "If You Don't Get it Now (You Never Will)"After a proper introduction, A.N.S. slams into more ferocious punk rock. Read some lyrics to "If You Don't Get it Now": "Fucked up feelings fueld by confusion and nights of endless grief, skateboarding was an outlet that allowed me to think / Academia and distant friends, from the start I saw no end / All those years still growing, love and pain shaped me into who I am". FucK! Those are deep thoughts! A great song! Song four is "Seized by Fascists": "Paralyzed within my rage, what entity do I serve? / How can I overcome, how can I reverse the years of conditioning?" Side A finishes with "Speak to Me": "All hopes evaporated through tears in my skin, leaving a hollow shell..."

With these bleak lyrics and the punishing music, A.N.S. are in the pantheon of thrash-metal gods!

Side B starts of with "Tunnel Vision". This song finds A.N.S. "Racing past an ocean of death, surrounding me on all sides." Excellent! Song seven is "The ALL Consumer" which has a top-notch BLACK SABBATH doom-sludge feel to it. Song eight is called "Instro-Monu_Mental". Fans recommend consuming LSD for this opus or, at the very least, psychedelic green bud is required. A.N.S. terminate the album (and your brain) with "Bleeding". This fucking metal-laced thrash epic starts out slow with complete bludgeoning on your head and finished with SLAYER type guitar fury! You need to get this damn record right away! Contact Scotty at Tankcrimes Records!
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11/25/2009 2:02pm
sorry about the contest folks, been bugging Nickman to send me a winner for over a month - still holding this record.

A.N.S. interview here at TX punk ...

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sorry about the contest folks, been bugging Nickman to send me a winner for over a month - still holding this record.

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I'll take it if Nickman doesn't pick someone.
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A winner was already chosen, user DDHaters won.
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