Higher Giant "The First Five" 7" Preorder

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03/04/2009 2:42pm
Runner Up Records is taking preorders for Higher Giant's debut 7", "The First Five". This band consists of members of Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, Grey Area, and many more. You can hear the entire 7" EP streaming on the band's MySpace page - preordering now guarantees that you will receive exclusive limited colored vinyl.

Order here.
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03/04/2009 5:13pm
Its pretty much a standard that any band that Ernie makes music with is a band I can get down with. Token Entry, Black Train Jack, Grey Area, The Arsons, now Higher Giant.
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03/04/2009 7:22pm
I saw them with Paint It Black...not bad.
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03/04/2009 11:22pm
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's the same lead singer as Grey Area?
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03/05/2009 8:17am
yes he is. Ernie!
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03/05/2009 8:26am
My roommate loves this band, but I didn't take the time to listen to them until now. I'm loving this (which is no surprise considering who's in it). Now I'm pissed I bailed on the show they played with the Bouncing Souls around the holidays. Fuck.
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