Eating The Filler

Hot Water Music

Release Photos (2)

United States Release

1st Pressing (7")
Released by Toybox Records
500 Pressed White (cover with silver and glossy ink)  
2nd Pressing (7")
Released 01-01-1996 by Toybox Records
1000 Pressed Black  
Glossy black cover with silver ink. Identical to the white vinyl press.

The 500 white and 1000 black were pressed at the same time. White was released first with the silver ink cover. Once these were gone the black copies were released as a "2nd press".
3rd Pressing (7")
Released by Toybox Records
The cover is different from the prior pressings. The sleeve comes on thinner matte paper and there is no printing on the reverse of the front cover. Also, the pictures on the front and back covers are lightened and heavily pixelated.