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Cult Leader "Nothing For Us Here" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 2 405
Tellusian "Collision" LP Now Available Dead Format 1 296
by mike
Soundgarden "Superunknown" 20th Anniversary Reissue Dead Format 1 416
Dust Moth "Dragon Mouth" 12" Pre-Order Dead Format 0 400
The Swellers "Running Out Of Places To Go" 10" Reissue Dead Format 3 774
Siren Records 20% Off Sale Dead Format 0 1491
No Sleep Records 2014 Vinyl Subscription Now Available Dead Format 1 2083
Balance and Composure "The Things We Think We're Missing" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 5 2686
Pelican "The Fire In Our Throats..." 2xLP Repress Dead Format 0 1661
Botch "We Are The Romans" 2xLP Repress Pre-Order Dead Format 4 2487
Felled Trees "Where We Been" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 0 1865
Death Cab For Cutie "Transatlanticism" 10th Anniversary 2xLP Pre-Order Dead Format 2 2343
Better Off "(I Think) I'm Leaving" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 0 1872
State Faults "Resonate/Desperate" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 0 1829
Russian Circles "Memorial" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 17 2125
Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace OST 2xLP Pre-Order Dead Format 36 2518
All Pigs Must Die "Silencer" 7" EP Now Available Dead Format 0 1788
Self Defense Family "The Corrections Officer In Me" 12" EP Dead Format 1 1927
Oathbreaker "Eros|Anteros" LP Now Available Dead Format 0 1846
Mixtapes "Maps & Companions" LP Repress Dead Format 1 1823
Bent Life "Full Skull" 7" Pre-Order Dead Format 0 939
Pelican "Deny The Absolute" b/w "The Truce" 7" Pre-Order Dead Format 0 958
High On Fire 2xLP Reissues Up For Pre-Order Dead Format 0 571
Baroness / Unpersons "A Grey Sigh In A Flower Husk" LP Repress Dead Format 0 488
Mixtapes "Ordinary Silence" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 1 1026
Converge "Caring & Killing" 2xLP, Discordance Axis "Jouhou" 2xLP Pre-Orders Dead Format 5 1326
Gifts From Enola "A Healthy Fear" 2xLP Pre-Order Dead Format 1 468
Converge "Jane Doe" Deluxe Gatefold 2XLP to be reissued on Deathwish
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Dead Format 375 16553
Rubrics "Apathy is an Institution", Conspirator "Common Enemy" LP Pre-Orders Dead Format 3 584
Souls For Sale "Scavengers" LP+CD Now Available Dead Format 4 631
Some Stranger "Self Titled" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 0 670
Light Bearer "Silver Tongue" 2xLP Pre-Order Dead Format 0 581
Texas Is The Reason "Do You Know Who You Are?" 2xLP Repress Dead Format 2 1011
Zozobra "Savage Masters" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 3 757
Octaves "Which Way The Wind Blows" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 0 779
Allison Weiss "Say What You Mean" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 0 604
New Pre-Orders From Don Giovanni Records Dead Format 1 688
My Bloody Valentine "m b v" Pre-Order Dead Format 2 946
Pig Destroyer "Book Burner" Pre-Order from Relapse Records Dead Format 12 967
Kowloon Walled City "Container Ships" LP Pre Order Dead Format 9 1371
The Atlas Moth "An Ache For The Distance" LP Preorder Dead Format 5 712
JK Flesh / Prurient "Worship is the Cleansing of Imagination" LP Pre-Order Dead Format 1 1094
Converge "All We Love We Leave Behind" Preorder Dead Format 35 1835
Kylesa "From the Vaults, Vol. I" 2xLP Pre Order Dead Format 4 472
Pedro The Lion Vinyl Reissues Now Available For Preorder Dead Format 4 849
Arms Aloft "Sawdust City" LP Now Available Dead Format 1 567
Jawbreaker "Chesterfield King" / "Bivouac" LP Reissues Dead Format 2 813
Iron Chic "Split N' Shit" 7" Pre Order Dead Format 3 587
H2O "Thicker Than Water" LP Re-Issue Pre-Order Dead Format 0 776
Ken Mode "Venerable" LP (European Edition) Now Available Dead Format 0 608